• EVENTS/RADIO & TV PRODUCTIONS: Lets think big! From the raw idea through PRE-PRODUCTION, PRODUCTION AND POST PRODUCTION, we deliver nothing but the best.
  • STAGE/REALITY SHOWS: Set in real-time as events unfold, the thrill, excitement and consistency topped with our passion for quality job delivery makes us excel.
  • TV COMMERCIAL: If you aspire to sell, then relax because our well-crafted strategies and storyboards, when translated into films as adverts shall do the trick.
  • DOCUMENTARIES: We tell it as it is to guarantee that, you relive the experience over and over.

An annual national people’s choice medico-social initiative geared towards celebrating excellence and rewarding diligence & hard work in the medico-legal industries.

A distinct “platform” for the target group and associate entities to network and share trending techniques emanating, whiles publicly identifying and appreciating the most distinguished.

This we believe would promote and inspire diligence and hard work, allay any unfortunate characteristics acquired on the job, for professional mentorship relations for positive social impact among the personnel of the targeted industries in their line of duty for job success and socio-economic enhancement, with clinicians being the primary focus in the first instance.

  • EBOLA FREE AFRICA CONCERT – An all Africa Ebola eradication campaign organised in Nigeria after Ghana losing bid. (In collaboration with Eventstreet Africa)
  • Tj Live – A star appreciation TV show setting the stage for the most successful persons to show public gratitude to their outstanding associates, premiered and aired on MEGA TV in south Africa from 2011 to 2015. (The show slated run in Ghana permanently from September)
  • The official organizers of the Cape Coast Festival 2015 Ogua Fetu AfahyeYouth Colloquium and the Youth Arts and Business Fete.
  • The Best Couple Africa 2010- A television reality show for dating and about to marry couples in Ghana that had the Kumasi couple winning a Trassaco House.
  • The Girl Child Education Campaign 2007- A collaboration with the Ministry of Education and GTV.
  • A Journey I have Made 2008- An essay writing competition organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Tourism.
  • The Stop Aids, Love Life” campaign 2008- A collaboration with the Ghana AIDS Commission.
  • Say Yes to the Child 2009- A child rights campaign undertaken in collaboration with UNICEF and GBC {curious minds show}.


  • industry_finance

    Media – Events, Radio and TV Productions.

  • industry_travel

    Media – Stage and Reality Shows.

  • industry_life_healthcare

    Media – TV Commercials

  • industry-tech

    Media – Documentaries

  • industry_other

    Media Men Ghana- creativity, performance, style with passion.

Our Mission is to Become The Best Media Company in Africa.

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training and a working environment in which they can excel.

Corporate Responsibility

We believe in adopting responsible business practices that create positive change in society. We wish to contribute to the community in which we operate in a meaningful and positive way.

By combining our talent, ideas, and knowledge, our programs help us make the world a better place.

Our Leadership & Our People

  • Dr. Benedicta Ohene-Manu – Medical Doctor & Concept Developer
  • Alberta Obaa Yaa Anobah – Corporate Lawyer
  • Kaphui Tamakloe Jnr – Broadcast Journalist & Events Consultant
  • Patrick Asiamah – Commercial Manager, Vicdoris Pharmaceuticals
  • Henry Asante Twum – Media Analyst

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PCP Honours

An annual national people’s choice medico-social initiative geared towards celebrating excellence and rewarding diligence & hard work in the medico-legal industries…

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Frequently Asked Questions

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